About Us – In depth

Woman to woman
With insight and a gentle holistic approach, Ilana uncovers the emotional, spiritual, and physical factors that may affect your health and wellness.

Fertility & more
Since opening her practice, Ilana’s focus in women’s health has expanded. Fertility and related issues play a much larger role (by necessity, as the word spread!). Please see happy moms and babies on Ilana’s Wall of Smiles to check some of the reasons…

About Ilana
Ilana Stein-Attali was born in Vancouver, B.C. She graduated with an M.Sc. in Biochemistry and Physiology from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Always interested in applied health and wellness, Ilana certified as a Dietician in Israel in 1991 and graduated from a Traditional Chinese Medicine school there in 1998. After working in Israel for both public and private institutions as a Western Dietician and Chinese Herbologist, Ilana returned to Canada. After recertifying in this country in TCM at the Canadian branch of the Beijing Capital University of Medical Sciences, Ilana founded The House of Vitality. She brings experience and current knowledge in these many distinct areas of study to apply to her treatment protocols. Ilana also gives lectures and workshops.